Lyric “Bump Boom Boom” by Buddha Bless | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: Bump Boom Boom
Artist: Buddha Bless
Album: Gancore Club 2
Year: 2007

Gancore Club!
Buddha Bless!
We have returned, ladies and gents!
We want to invite you this way, all together, let's go!

*Crank up the song, let the bass bump boom boom!
It can't be resisted! You'd die!
How would it be if there was no music?
The wall nearly crumbled the speakers are so loud, "toom, toom!"
When we're upset or worried, a lot on our minds
we listen to music, it's an instant cure.
It's a strange feeling, I don't know how
but I'll die if I don't have music entering my ears!
I want you, ohh, to come and see!
Crank up the song, let the bass bump boom boom!

It's the same no matter who you are,
hi-so, smart-ass, or a motorcycle rebel.
Rich or poor, wherever you're from
it's not important, release the music
we wiggle together!
Broken-hearted over dead love or tricked into sleeping with a gay guy
A failed bet, crashed stock, the same chaotic crap
Forget your headache, no need to pop pills
Listening to music is better!

Wanna blast the music so the roof shakes!
People curse, the neighbors complain.
They throw rocks we can barely duck.
Just gotta get out and party under the moonlight!
We weren't drunk, we weren't high
just want to make it clear we like having fun!


Oh, it's pulsing!
How can you be still with a beat like this?!
Oh, the rhythm's spreading!
If you like it, show it, babe!
Oh my God!
You get home and can't sleep, thinking of your hips moving.
Heart attack!
Your hips swing with unexpected force!

Bump bump! Music is like a drug!
Boom boom! Help pass it around!
Bump bump! Wherever you're from
Boom boom! It'll cure everyone!
Bump bump! Music is like a drug!
Boom boom! Help pass it around!
Bump bump! Shout it out!
Boom boom! Boom bump boom bump!

Ooooh, crank the music louder,
but be careful, it'll blow your ears.
This is a human ear, not a pig's!
I want to remind you, want to make you aware,
crank the music, but be careful, you'll go deaf!


Without music, why would you keep going?
Without the beat pumping, you listen and you can't rest
Your heart pounds, unable to sleep, tossing and turning, fidgeting.
Just about everyone has music in their heart.
It really hits like a crowbar!
It'll take over, it'll be heavy!
You can either stand and listen or fall down dead!
Strike a pose, be careful
Any day, you can't satisfy it.
It's like you're burned out,
begging the DJ to please hurry and play it louder!
However many speakers there are, crowds come, no need to stop!
Bust a move, shake your hips!
Your body dances, your ears listen,
what's there to be afraid of? Really, just listen!
There's only one rule;
If the song makes you dance, dance!
It's not a sin. No need to be embarrassed, no need to be shy.
Want to have fun with both body and heart
The adrenaline's pumping!
Wanna dance? Break it down!


[[*** Thai/transliterated lyrics coming soon!]]


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