Lyric “Fire” by Buddha Bless | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: Fire
Artist: Buddha Bless
Album: ไฟเขียว ไฟแดง / Fai Keeow Fai Daeng (Green Light Red Light)
Year: 2006

I was born male,
never afraid of embarrassment, never afraid of death.
I like danger,
playing with guns, gambling, and playing with fire.
Beautiful women, elders say, are extremely dangerous.
Like a fire, they’re ready to burn men to the ground.

Meet a pretty girl with a style hot like a fire, I immediately run to her.
I’m not a shy guy who stands there gulping, legs frozen.
You’re hot like a fire, I’m sexy like gasoline.
Meeting for an instant, I’d probably be burned alive.

Like an action movie, it’s guarenteed to be exciting,
not dull, not dragging, not melodramatic like in a soap opera.
Every scene, every episode will only have satisfaction.
Look out, baby, I’ll spray water to put out the fire.

*At a party, hot like fire.
You’re pretty and sexy, hot like fire.
I’m a guy who likes playing with fire.
Come on, come on,
come play with fire!
In a party, the air is hot like fire.
You’re sexy, you’re hot like fire.
I’m a guy who likes playing with fire.
The more dangerous, the more I like it.

My wandering eyes spy a pretty girl,
I walk right towards her, “Hello there, babe,
I don’t think I know your name?
May I have your phone number?
And where do you live?
Would you mind it if I asked to run inside your heart?”
From head to toe, her body is shapely.
A pair of sharp eyes, the more I look, the more I’m attracted.
When she moves her body, it makes my heart jump.
I’m afraid if I play with her too much I might die before my time.

Fire, fire!
You’re body’s hot like a fire.
Fire, fire!
Is there anything hotter than this?
Fire, fire!
Just smelling you makes me melt!
If I could just touch you, I’d coat you with a magic potion.

Before going for it, I don’t just go in without taking aim.
Fire is dangerous.
I play it cool first, I don’t just go in. Take aim first.
Fire is hot, fire is hot,
fire is dangerous.


I want to know just how dangerous you are.
Just wanna know! Just wanna see!
Even though you’ll be hot, even though you’ll be strong,
That can’t scare me!
My heart never shook, never trembled.
With the heat I have, we might be equal.
At being sexy, no one trumps me.
Would you like to try? I’m not a dangerous person.
No need to be afraid, No need to be shy.
Just trust me and make yourself comfortable.
Comfortable, comfortable.
The fire inside me is so hot that now I’m nearly melting.
Inside it’s hot, inside it’s hot, I’m nearly melting!


[*** Sorry, Thai lyrics/transliteration coming soon!]


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