Lyric “ตามหาหัวใจ (Dtahm Hah Hua Jai)” by Dan-Beam | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: ตามหาหัวใจ / Dtahm Hah Hua Jai (Searching For My Heart)
Artist: Dan-Beam
Album: Dan-Beam the Album
Year: 2005

Whenever I close my eyes,
I see images of only one person.
No matter how many times I envision you,
the image is never clear.

I hear only the sound of your voice
I heard before, warm and familiar in my heart.
The more I tell myself not to think of you,
the more it lingers inside.
The more I try to get over you,
the closer I always get.

*Searching for my heart
left with that person.
I’ll continue searching until I find you,
that person in my memories.
Just once let my heart
wake up and breathe in sync with you.
I don’t want to feel love from you
like you don’t exist.

The pictures taken from the heart,
pictures with sentimental value
eventually must fade away over time,
just like the memories.

But it’s strange how you alone
were never erased, never faded from my heart.
I might not be able to wash away this love that embraces me.
All about love
I learned completely from you.

*, *

The memories and your love
will be inside me…

[*** Sorry, Thai/Transliterated lyrics coming soon!]

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