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Lyric “หวงเพราะห่วง (Huang Pror Huang)” by Ice Sarunyu | Romanization Lyric + Engsub


Title: หวงเพราะห่วง / Huang Pror Huang (Jealous Out of Worry)
Artist: Ice Sarunyu
Album: Ice Sarunyu
Year: 2006

I wake up in the morning and rush to call you
But you’re not there
And I don’t know when you’ll be back.
Part of me isn’t sure where you went out to
Or when I’ll be able to talk with you.

*But I can only sit…and wait for you all day
Until I really over-think things.
In my heart I’m scared,
Scared you’ll have a change of heart,
Change from me to a new guy,
Change to not loving me

**It’s jealousy,
Jealousy because I love you,
See, baby?
And I understand it’s like this.
I don’t know how bad it’ll get.
It’s jealousy,
Jealousy because I love you,
More each time
I want you to understand me right now
That I love you.
My life will have just you alone.

The more time passes by, the more nervous my heart gets.
My heart gets weak not knowing if you’ve gone out with someone else.
And I still watch the phone
Waiting for you continuously.
When will you come back?

(*, **)

Hey, what’s up, my girl, do you hear me?
I wanna stand with you, it makes me crazy
Do you know, my girl, I’m just so envy
Another man around, don’t do that, baby


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