Lyric “จะโกหกกันไปถึงไหน (Ja Goh Hok Gun Pbai Teung Nai)” by D2B | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: จะโกหกกันไปถึงไหน / Ja Goh Hok Gun Pbai Teung Nai (How Long Will You Lie to Me?)
Artist: D2B
Album: Type II
Year: 2003

Why am I looking for fault? We can both see
the person who has done wrong knows it in their heart.
How are you going to hide it? The look in your eyes tells me.
When people are unfaithful,
you can just look in their eyes and tell immediately.

*It’s nothing, it’s not like that.
There’s nothing going on between him and you.
Do you think I’m that naive or what?
So many good excuses.
I’ve heard them all before, and it still hurts.

**How long are you going to lie to me?
(Don’t keep secrets, it’ll only be harder.)
It’s easier to just say you’re in love with someone else.
(Tell me who you love.)
If he has your whole heart, say so.
Break up with me.
You’re brave enough to love this guy,
why aren’t you brave enough to admit it?

Tell me the whole story.
Secretly seeing him will hurt me more.
Don’t get someone else to come and tell me.
However long this goes on, we’re both hurting from it.

(*, **)

I love you (I love you.) I trust you. (I trust you.)
Why oh why are you hiding it from me?


[*** Sorry, Thai/transliterated lyrics coming soon!]


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