Lyric “คนใจอ่อน (Kon Jai Orn)” by D2B | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: คนใจอ่อน / Kon Jai Orn (Soft-Hearted Person)
Artist: D2B
Album: D2B
Year: 2001

Please stop…
You don’t need to come by anymore.
I don’t want to look at you like this, staring back, making me nervous.
You know
I’m not that strong.
My heart’s always weak for you.

I admit
however many times you leave me,
inside my heart still loves you, still cares about you.
But enough.
Today we should stop seeing eachother.
Please help me,
don’t trouble me anymore.

*No need to see eachother, okay?
Because I’m a soft-hearted person.
I’ve been controlling myself,
and I’m getting tired of it.
I’m through with confusion,
because I know I can’t stand it.
I’m asking you, please?
Let’s not see eachother.

**Go back.
Today I might have to be cruel.
I must be strong
and beg you to leave me.
Give it up…
Because I have to give it up too.
It needs to end right here.

(*, **)

I won’t be soft-hearted from now on.

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