Lyric “คนมันรัก (Kon Mun Ruk)” by Ice Sarunyu | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: คนมันรัก / Kon Mun Ruk (A Person Who Loves)
Artist: Ice Sarunyu
Album: Ice Sarunyu
Year: 2006

Do you love me? I don’t know
Do you love me? I don’t know
But I do know that I’ve loved you for a long time.
You don’t think so, but I think you’re the person of my dreams.
We’re a perfect match.

You’re hot, I love it.
You’re laid back, I love it.
You’re stubborn, I’ll tie you up with love.
If you escape, I’ll come after you
You can dive underwater, go anywhere,
I’ll follow until I have your heart.

*The guy who has waited so long for you,
but it’s unrequited.
I just want to hold you, hug both your body and heart.
You won’t let me love you, but I’ll love you.
You won’t let me be interested, but I’m interested.
It’s the purpose of my heart.
Don’t be difficult and reject my heart, please?
I just want you to give me your heart, could you?
A person in love, could you forbid him?
A heart in love, can’t stop it.
Can you open your heart, baby?

If you don’t love me, I’m not stupid,
but you don’t believe me, do you?
You’ve won me already, my entire heart.
If you’re ready, I’m ready.
When will you give in?
Let me hook arms with you?

Please look at me if it’s okay,
I’m not asking for anything, except for this heart
I ask only to have you,
Only for you to come love me closely
Love, my love, it can’t be contained
Heart, my heart, it can’t be stopped
I just want to ask you
Please open the door to your heart, make it easy for me to get in

(*, *)


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