Lyric “นายเจ็บ ฉันเจ็บ (Nai Jeb Chun Jeb)” by D2B | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: นายเจ็บ ฉันเจ็บ / Nai Jeb Chun Jeb (You Hurt, I Hurt)
Artist: D2B
Album: Neverending
Year: 2004

Wherever you are, you’ll have my heart.
We won’t forget each other.
I won’t forget, won’t forget, if the moon fades away,
it will be impossible to let you be far apart.
We will share the journey to our dreams, together, forever.

*If you hurt, I hurt.
When a friend hurts, I hurt too.
Friends must be together,
how could they abandon each other?
If you have a good day, I’m happy.
When a friend hurts, I hurt too.

You’ll have me here,
at your side, you’ll have me.
Together, You’ll have me, we’ll have each other,
no matter how long time passes by.
Through suffering or happiness,
we will help eachother overcome it.
Whenever we find a time that’s not so good,
we’ll hug each other
No one will abandon anyone.

(*, *, *)

[*** Sorry, Thai/Transliterated lyrics coming soon!]

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