Lyric “นกกระดาษ (Nok Gradaht)” by Dan D2B | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: นกกระดาษ / Nok Gradaht (Paper Crane)
Artist: Dan D2B
Album: The Messages
Year: 2004

*I'm folding this paper crane to wish you to recover.
However much you're hurting, the pain will go away until you're better.
I’m giving you this paper crane
to bless you.
You have to get better,
so we can be next to each other again.

It came…
the news came, and I heard you were sick,
I was concerned for you,
being ill like this, I was worried.

I want to be sick instead of you,
hurting in your place, do you know?
I’m so worried about you.

Whichever blessing…
whatever belief that will help you recover.
This song…
I’m folding this song as a crane to send to you.
The tail and wings are both my blessing,
the paper crane I'm giving to you.


I wish…
that soon you’ll fully recover.
This song…
I’m entrusting in this crane to get to you.
I ask this crane to please help my dear
In a few days, make them healthy.

To be next to me like before…
(I beg for this blessing.)

[*** Sorry, Thai/transliterated lyrics coming soon!]


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