Lyric “โสด (Sode)” by Dan-Beam | Romanization Lyric + Engsub


Title: โสด / Sode (Single)
Artist: Dan-Beam
Album: Dan-Beam the Album
Year: 2005

If I don’t have work, I sleep,
I don’t usually eat breakfast.
I’ll turn on the same old movies
I’ve seen many times before.
This continuous cycle,
the life of a single guy,
I can only sigh in relief from day to day.

My friends sometimes ask me to go out,
but I don’t like going with them.
It bores me to sit lonely
when they want to hold hands.
I’m not jealous,
I’m only sensitive of my fate.
Why haven’t I found someone yet?

*Whenever anyone asks me
what I think,
why I don’t have a lover yet,
I have to tell them I do have someone,
we’ve been dating for a year,
some day if there’s the chance, I’ll bring her.

**The truth is, it’s his girl, not mine.
I say that to undo the mess.
But when I get back home,
I always feel sad… I don’t know!
Maybe dust just got in my eye.
I want my own girl,
to love, to know my heart,
to get me past the weary days.
To have someone who always smiles,
who stares into my eyes.
When I wake up the next day,
I might be content.

I just want to have someone
to call and ask why I woke up late.
I’ll ask her to see a new movie.
With our pinkies hooked, we’ll go together.
Living by myself
is just like I have only half a world.
If I had the girl of my dreams, I’d be perfect.

(*, **)
Come be the other half of my world
with me

[*** Sorry, Thai/transliterated lyrics coming soon!]

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