Lyric “อย่าแอบร้องให้เมื่อไกลกัน (Ya Aep Rong Hai Meua Glai Gun)” by Dan-Beam | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: อย่าแอบร้องให้เมื่อไกลกัน / Ya Aep Rong Hai Meua Glai Gun (Don’t Cry When We’re Apart)
Artist: Dan-Beam
Album: Dan-Beam the Album
Year: 2005

Don’t cry when we’re apart.
When I’m not there to look after you,
be sure to behave.
Before you go to sleep every night,
don’t forget to cover yourself with a blanket
or you’ll catch a cold.

The sky will always comfort you,
the times you’re feeling down
it will help, help you feel better.

Even if I’m elsewhere, my heart is right here.
Draw all our good memories on your heart.
I love you more every day, every minute.
I’ll think of you before anyone else,
just always remember, we’re in love.

Don’t let your heart get bored.
If you get lonely, just listen to the songs
we always listened to.
Don’t ever change your love.
I want you to miss me
like I miss you.

(*, **, **)

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