Lyric “หึง (Heung)” by D2B | Romanization Lyric + Engsub

Title: หึง / Heung (Jealous)
Artist: D2B
Album: Type II
Year: 2003

You know I’m scared, so why do you taunt me?
You get cozy with guy after guy to tease me.
It ticks me off, not that I’m immature,
Not that I don’t trust you, you know?

*But if I’m not posessive of you,
who will you let me be posessive of?
I’m afraid someone will replace me.
Nervous and worried,
afraid you don’t love me,
I don’t like anyone talking or getting near you.

**I’m jealous,
thinking too into things,
always thinking suspiciously.
Every story I write down,
you still don’t understand, do you?
I love you… Who should I be jealous of?

Every time I had to call and check on you,
every time I had to ask you afterwards,
it was from all the love and worry.
I didn’t mean to annoy you.
I’m sorry if I bothered you too much,

(*, **, **)

Don’t you realize…who loves you?

[*** Sorry, Thai/transliterated lyrics coming soon!]

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